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Parking and Access


Resort Entry and Chains

An entry fee is payable to enter the Hotham area during winter.  Visit the Mt Hotham Resort Management website to purchase before travelling to the mountain:


Diamond pattern chains must be carried and fitted where instructed.  Please note that NOT ALL VEHICLES CAN FIT CHAINS - check your service manual under wheel/ tyre/ snow chains before you leave. Find the section that advises whether you should fit chains to the forward or rear tyres. Some manufacturers advise you must only fit to one end or the other. Some service books list the tyre sizes you can only successfully fit to. Others do not list tyre sizes but any mention of "spider chains" "half chains" "wire chains" or "fine link" chains is a flag that your vehicle may have clearance issues.


THERE ARE MANY VEHICLES THAT CANNOT FIT CHAINS DUE TO CLEARANCE ISSUES. No one wants to see damage to your car or jeopardise your safety & if chains are fitted against the manufactures advice - you could void your insurance.


Fitting is free when hired for Hoy’s (Harrietville and Omeo) who also offer a park and ride service to get you up the mountain.


There is no designated parking in the Davenport area where Pegasus is located.   Day parking is in The Corral area in the village centre, and all other parking is in designated areas towards Dinner Plain.

There is an unloading area situated at Jack Frost Corner, about 150 metres from Pegasus which allows you 30 minutes to unload, before you will need to move your vehicle further down the Great Alpine Road to their designated day or overnight parking areas.


There is a free shuttle bus that runs about every 10 minutes to carry you back to the unloading area.  


Pegasus has a sled which can be used to transport your gear to the lodge, or there is also a bookable oversnow service available via Snow-Tow Mt Hotham.

Snow-Tow Pricing

24 hour pre-booked & pre-paid (one person and luggage):
One way:     $40
Return :        $75

Bookings made on arrival:
One way:     $50
Return:         $80

Guest transfer (no luggage):    $20

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